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Strip-Till technology from Mzuri PRO-TIL


The technology combines elements of traditional (plow) and zero (no-till) soil treatments. The Mzuri sowing complex performs 3 key operations in one pass of the field, and allows the hanging of any crops.
Loosening (to a depth of 25 centimeters), fertilizing (for the entire depth of processing), hanging seeds (at controlled depth) are performed without preliminary preparation of soil on the stubble of the predecessor.
The seeding complex forms a band of 12 cm wide, and an intermediate row width of 24 cm (or 58 cm depending on the setting) remains covered with stubble or mulch. Due to this, moisture is better stored in the untreated soil, and in the treated strip, as it quickly warms up during the day and cools down faster at night, moisture is condensed, which is especially important for arid regions.
With the application of the technology of strip processing, only about 30% of the field is used, while the remaining 70% in the form of row spacings remain vapor.



  • Execution of 3 operations in one pass of the field
  • Fuel economy (consumption 13-16 l / ha)
  • Saving fertilizers
  • Save time
  • Saving machine and human resources


  • Preservation and accumulation of moisture
  • Efficient use of fertilizers
  • The absence of abrupt changes in temperature
  • Only 30% of the field is used, and 70% (row spacing) remains in vapor
  • Improvement of the soil structure
  • Lack of plow soles
  • Edge edge effect


  • Raising yields
  • Reducing costs (saving fuel, fertilizers, machinery and human resources)

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